About us

TTP MARINES Translation Agency provides technical and legal translation services in shipbuilding, machine building, weaponry, electronics, electrical engineering, etc. Only qualified translators and editors work for the company. They are either military translators or specialists qualified in shipbuilding, machine building, missile engineering, or philologists enriched by shipbuilding and machine building experience.

Our specialists took part in training foreign personnel; provided interpreting services in the course of construction and acceptance testing of equipment and ships and in the course of delivery of ship’s operating and repair documents; took part in negotiations, workshops, exhibitions and conferences. Therefore, our specialists both know the theory of the subject matter being translated and have appropriate practical skills. The average translation and interpreting experience is four to seven years.

The well-established process, approved translation memories, special term bases, reference documents and materials in Russian and English all allow us to manage large projects promptly and effectively.

We offer translation and interpreting services, dealing with technical and design documents (repair, operating, patent, design, etc.), legal and contract documents, drawings as well as other attendant services such as scanning, recognition, printing (including А3 – А0 size drawings).

Depending on your desire, we can cooperate either on a single-project or continuous on-line basis, the latter implying translation and interpreting services rendered in the on-line mode.

Другие языки: Chinese (Simplified), French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish