TTP MARINES keeps track of events regarding military-industrial complex. Thus, the company participates in IMDS and NEVA exhibitions.

Exhibition activity allows us not only to strengthen relationships with current customers and partners, but also to make new contacts, often leading to long-term and effective cooperation.

During the exhibition we offer interpreters to accompany guests at the exposition and/or to work at the exhibitor’s booth. We are also ready translate technical documents or promotional materials within the shortest possible time.

IMDS-2009 NEVA-2009 IMDS-2011
NEVA-2011 IMDS-2013 NEVA-2013
OMR-2014 IMDS-2015 NEVA-2015

SPIGF-2015 Arctic-2015 OMR-2016

Другие языки: French, Russian, Spanish